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Henry Ford
0 yrs Born July 30 in Greenfield Township, Michigan. 1863
16 yrs Leaves family farm for Detroit to work in machine shops. 1879
25 yrs Marries Clara Bryant of Greenfield Township and moves to 80-acre farm in what is today Dearborn. 1888
28 yrs Secures position as engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company; returns to Detroit. 1891
30 yrs Edsel Bryant Ford, only child of Henry and Clara Ford, born. 1893
33 yrs Completes his first automobile, the Quadricycle, and drives it through the streets of Detroit. 1896
36 yrs Ends eight years of employment with the Edison Illuminating Company to devote full attention to the many manufacture of automobiles. Made chief engineer and partner in the newly formed Detroit Automobile Company which produced only a few cars.
38 yrs Henry Ford Company organized with Ford as engineer. Ford resigns over dispute with bankers in 1902 and the company becomes the Cadillac Motor Car Co. 1901
40 yrs Ford Motor Company is officially incorporated. Ford's first Model A appears on the market in Detroit. 1903
45 yrs Ford begins manufacturing the famous Model T. 1908
47 yrs Begins operations at factory in Highland Park, Michigan. 1910
50 yrs Introduces first moving automobile assembly line at Highland Park. 1913
51 yrs Announces his plan to share the Ford Motor Company's profits with workers, paying them $5.00 for an eight hour day. 1914
52 yrs The Oscar II, Ford's "Peace Ship," sets sail for Norway on a pacifist expedition to end World War I. 1915
54 yrs Begins construction of industrial facility on the Rouge River in Dearborn, Michigan. 1917
55 yrs Loses his bid for the U.S. Senate. 1918
56 yrs Edsel B . Ford, son of Henry Ford, is named president of Ford Motor Company 1919
58 yrs Ford Motor Company dominates auto production with 55 percent of industry's total output. 1921
63 yrs Focuses on air transportation and develops the Tri-Motor airplane. 1926
64 yrs Transfers final assembly line from Highland Park plant to the Rouge. Production of the Model T ends, and the Model A is introduced. 1927
66 yrs Dedicates his Edison Institute of Technology and Greenfield Village with a celebration of 50 years of the electric light. 1929
69 yrs Builds first V-8 Ford car. 1932
70 yrs Successfully resists first efforts to unionize workers at Ford plants. 1933
74 yrs "Battle of the Overpass" occurs between Ford security staff and United Auto Workers union organizers. As a result, the court orders Ford not to interfere with union activity. 1937
78 yrs Ford Motor Company signs a contract with UAW. 1941
83 yrs Henry Ford dies at age 83, at Fair Lane, his Dearborn home. 1947
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no title
Written by Guest on 2007-08-14 17:30:50
hahaha but um... I'm pretty sure the age just means the age he would be turning that year... ie: he must have died before his birthday.
Written by kyle on 2007-07-11 08:53:39
how can he be 84 years old in 1947 if it says he died at the age of 83????
Henry Ford
Written by Kennadi on 2007-10-21 11:14:22
I did a science project on him
Written by heav on 2007-11-12 22:56:54
this site has gave good info
no title
Written by Al on 2008-01-16 17:41:15
I heard a story of how executives tried to legally remove Ford from his position because of his lack of formal education. Did this happen and where can i read more about it?
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