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Ingvar Kamprad
0 yrs Kamprad was born in the south of Sweden in 1926 and raised on a farm called Elmtaryd, near the small village of Agunnaryd. 1926
  Ingvar began to develop a business as a young boy, selling matches to neighbors from his bicycle. He found that he could buy matches in bulk very cheaply from Stockholm, sell them individually at a low price and still make a good profit. From matches, he expanded to selling fish, Christmas tree decorations, seeds and later ball-point pens and pencils.  
17 yrs His father gave him a gift for succeeding in his studies. The gift was used to establish his own business. The name IKEA was formed from the founder's initials (I.K.) plus the first letters of Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd, the farm and village where he grew up. 1943
  IKEA originally sold pens, wallets, picture frames, table runners, watches, jewelery and nylon stockings – whatever Ingvar found a need for that he could fill with a product at a reduced price.  
19 yrs The first IKEA advertisements appear in local newspapers. When Ingvar Kamprad outgrew his ability to make individual sales calls, he began advertising in local newspapers and operating a makeshift mail order catalog. 1945
  Soon furniture has been introduced into the IKEA product range. It was produced by local manufacturers in the forests close to Ingvar Kamprad's home. The positive response was gratifying, and the line expanded.  
27 yrs The furniture showroom is opened in Almhult. The IKEA range focused to home furnishing products in the early 1950s. The opening of the showroom was an important moment in the development of the IKEA concept. For the first time customers could see and touch our furnishings before ordering. 1953
  This came about as a solution to a problem. IKEA found itself in a price war with its main competitor. As both companies lowered prices, quality came at risk. By opening the showroom, IKEA could in three dimensions present its products with function, quality and low price. And people did just what IKEA had hoped: they wisely chose the products with the best value for the money.  
29 yrs Pressure from its competitors caused suppliers to boycott IKEA. IKEA begins designing its own furniture. 1955
47 yrs The first store outside Scandinavia is opened outside Zurich, Switzerland. Its success paved the way for a rapid expansion in Germany, which is the largest IKEA market today. 1973
49 yrs The first IKEA stores are opened in, Canada and the Netherlands. 1975
59 yrs The first IKEA store opens in the USA. 1985
  During the next seven years new IKEA stores are opened in the UK, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and United Arab Emirates.  
67 yrs IKEA reaches 114 stores in 25 countries. 1993
71 yrs IKEA introduces Children's IKEA. IKEA has always provided furnishings for the entire family. But since kids are the most important people in the world, IKEA decided to put them in the spotlight. 1997
73 yrs IKEA numbers 53,000 co-workers across a global network of over 150 stores in 29 countries on four continents. 1999
  Ingvar Kamprad initiated the Big Thank You Event as a millennium reward to the many co-workers within the IKEA group. The total of all sales worldwide on this special day was given to the employees. The goal for the day was high, but the actual result was higher – approximately 187 million NLG. Every co-worker, from the snack bar staff and stock clerks to the president, got the same bonus. For most, this bonus was more than a month's pay.  
74 yrs The first IKEA store opens in Russia. 2000
79 yrs As of March, the sliding value of the U.S. dollar put Kamprad ahead as the richest person in the world in another report. 2005
80 yrs In March, Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at US$28 billion 2006
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Written by Anne Pajuluoma on 2006-07-21 09:23:05
Give me e-mail-address of Ingvar Kamprad,please. I need to get contact with him personally for my new a book and an unique project for promo- te IKEA in Finland with my project for international artists,etc. at the Manor. Reply me soon, please. Your Anne Pajuluoma, artist (worldwide)
Written by YAKUBU AKAJABU on 2006-08-10 13:05:42
I am in dire need of financial support to enable me do a one-year MA degree in Communication Studies at Sheffield Hallam University, U.K. I need both the email and postal addresses of Mr. Kamprad, so that I can place this problem before him. I am a teacher by profession, and my monthly income equivalent to US170 OBVIOUSLY CANNOT HELP ME SAVE TO FUND MY PROPOSED EDUCATION IN BRITAIN. Please help me. My email address: yakaj60@yahoo.com GHANA, WEST AFRICA.
INGVAR is the man!
Written by Joe Schultz on 2006-09-30 00:08:08
Kamprad rules.
Written by MT on 2006-10-30 08:45:29
kamprad's rich
Written by cierra woods on 2007-02-05 09:52:36
can i have interesting facts about you for my hs report
Written by Niki on 2007-03-30 13:50:05
Proud to be an Ikearianer!
Please update page
Written by Aaron on 2007-04-14 22:03:42
Good Day, Came from another link to get resources about billionaire for my assignment. Please do update Mr. Ingvar Kamprad's Billionaire Listing as from 8th March 2007. Would like to know Mr. Ingvar Kamprad's education levels if possible. Aaron.goh.m.l@gmail.com (Singapore, Student).
Written by mikel on 2007-05-03 12:19:35
das habe ich gefunden im blog http://deepfrees.blogspot.com/ ...eigentlich eine gute idee Zitat: da h?tte ich auch schon eine idee....ikea...eigentlich hat irgentwie jeder was von ikea :-) ...... ikea...baut immer sooooo grosse verkaufsfl?chen...und parkpl?tze...platz ist also da... sollen die doch mal ein ikea haus bauen.... einen prototyp... ein sch?nes ...aber bezahlbares haus...mit ikea einrichtung komplett ausgestattet... die m?bel und accessoirs hat ikea ja schon...so k?nnt ikea auch h?user mit ikeam?bel komplett verkaufen und in das immobliliengesch?ft einsteigen ;-)
human help
Written by Ali on 2007-11-17 07:57:36
how can i meet Ingvar Kamprad ......
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