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Michael Jordan
Michael Jeffery Jordan is an American former basketball player, and is considered by many to be the greatest of all time. He became the most effectively-marketed athlete of his generation and was instrumental in spreading the appeal of the NBA to corporate America and overseas in the 1980s and 1990s.Considered a remarkable force at both ends of the floor, "M.J." ended an NBA career of 15 seasons with a regular-season scoring average of 30.12 points per game, the highest in NBA history (marginally ahead of Wilt Chamberlain's 30.06).

He won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls (during which he won all six NBA Finals MVP awards), won 10 scoring titles, and was league MVP five times. He was named to the All-NBA First Team 10 times, All-Defensive First Team nine times, and led the league in steals three times. Since 1983, he has appeared on the front cover of Sports Illustrated a record 49 times, and was named the magazine's "Sportsman of the Year" in 1991. In 1999, he was named "the greatest athlete of the 20th century" by ESPN, and placed second on the Associated Press list of top athletes of the century. His leaping ability, vividly illustrated by dunking from the foul line and other feats, earned him the nicknames "Air Jordan" and "His Airness."

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This is a good biography
Written by Anthonio Morris on 2007-04-04 14:20:20
this is a very good biography. this shows his life and every thing i need 2 know.
Still More
Written by krunaljani8 on 2008-02-10 21:07:20
Definitely this is a very good piece of information on M.J. But if you can provide information on his struggle, starting failure, his early life before NBA., then this information can enlighten thousands of lives. Don?t you think?
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