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Sam Walton
Sam Walton was a man who took chances, never said never, and kept on fighting the odds. He was like no other man in this world. All through his life he has fought an up hill battle and in the end he won. Sam Walton was a leader not a follower. Sam Walton grew up during the depression and knew that hard work and thrift were a way of life. Sam was described as to be industrious, always trying to get the most out of money, and had a burning ambition to succeed. This is all apparent by: how he helped his family through the depression, started his own business from almost nothing, and how he changed the field of management.

Walton already showed the drive that would turn his Wal-Mart discount chain into the world's largest company. His simple business model, with its fanatical focus on low costs and low prices, changed the way Americans shop. But the chain's impact goes beyond cheap underwear. With its unparalleled size and efficiency, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has dampened inflation and driven productivity gains throughout retailing and manufacturing.

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