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Sylvester Stallone
0 yrs Born in a New York City. A forceps accident during his birth severed a facial nerve, leaving Stallone with parts of his lip, tongue, and chin paralyzed. 1946
  In doing so, the accident imprinted Stallone with some of the most recognizable components of his persona: the distinctively slurred speech patterns, drooping lower lip, and crooked left eye that have been eagerly seized upon by caricaturists.  
2 yrs Because of parents' marital troubles, lived in Queens with a family friend; saw parents only on the weekends (1948 - 1951). 1948
15 yrs Moved to Philadelphia with mother and stepfather. 1961
23 yrs Enrolled in University of Florida; dropped out two years later to pursue acting career. 1969
25 yrs Entered mainstream film with bit part as a mugger in Woody Allen's "Bananas". 1971
  First film appearance in soft-core porn film, "A Party at Kitty & Stud's".  
27 yrs Played first major role in "Rebel". 1973
28 yrs Moved to L.A. 1974
  First feature film in a leading role, "The Lords of Flatbush".  
30 yrs Screenwriting debut, "Rocky"; also starred; earned Oscar nominations as Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay. 1976
32 yrs Directorial debut, "Paradise Alley"; also scripted; later turned screenplay into a novel. 1978
33 yrs Wrote, directed and acted in "Rocky II". 1979
35 yrs Co-starred in the John Huston-directed "Escape to Victory". 1981
36 yrs First played character of John Rambo in "First Blood". 1982
  Reprised signature role in "Rocky III"; also scripted and directed.  
37 yrs First feature as a producer, "Staying Alive"; also directed and contributed to screenplay. 1983
39 yrs Directed, wrote and starred in "Rocky IV". 1985
  First executive producer credit for TV, "Heart of a Champion: The Ray Mancini Story".  
42 yrs Again played other signature role in "Rambo III"; also scripted. 1988
44 yrs Reteamed with original director John V Avildsen for the fourth sequel "Rocky V"; also starred and scripted. 1990
45 yrs Opened Planet Hollywood Restaurant in New York, co-owned with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. 1991
  Reported in the New York Post of November 25 that he was suing a tabloid for reporting that he had had a pneumatic penile implant.  
47 yrs First film with Renny Harlin, "Cliffhanger"; also rewrote script. 1993
48 yrs Offered $20 million as an advance against 20 percent of the gross by Savoy Pictures for an action adventure film to be produced in 1996. 1994
49 yrs Reportedly agreed to a multi-picture deal with Universal Pictures wherein he would be paid at least $60 million for three films. 1995
51 yrs Delivered a change of pace turn as a partially deaf New Jersey sheriff in the independent film "Cop Land". 1997
52 yrs Provided a character voice for Weaver, the soldier ant buddy of Woody Allen's Z in the animated feature "Antz". 1998
55 yrs Teamed onscreen with Burt Reynolds in "Driven", directed by Renny Harlin; Stallone reportedly contributed to the screenplay. 2001
56 yrs Signed to write "Rocky VI" and reprise his role as Rocky Balboa, this time, he is running a youth center when he is lured out of retirement for one last fight. 2002
58 yrs Lent his name and image to the start-up publication "Sly"; focusing on health and fitness with a target demographic of men in the 35- to 54-year old range. 2004
59 yrs Following in the successful template of "The Apprentice," producer Mark Burnett paired Stallone and boxing champ Sugar Ray Leonard with a reality concept that promised to annoint the next great prizefighter. "The Contender" (NBC, 2005) utilized Stallone as both host and a mentor to the 16 hopefulls vying for a career as a professional fighter as well as a $1 million prize. 2005
  Stallone announced that he would reprise his role as boxer Rocky Balboa for a sixth Rocky movie, tentatively titled "Rocky Balboa," that will see the legendary prize fighter coming out of retirement to mount yet another heavyweight comeback.  
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Whats up
Written by Tamara aka Pooh on 2006-06-20 15:29:56
Whats up i love ur movies and u r so cool and i just want to say keep up the good work and u r cute bye
Almost like friends
Written by Jenifer Norfolk on 2006-07-11 05:08:33
Hey Slick, I know you use Slick, You met my brother and a good friend of mine in Sturgis. Ate Snake with my brother, Allan and my friend Bruce. Not to mention, my father's girlfriend knew one of your friends in Maryland (I believe the family were Shoemakers) I may be wrong about what they did for a living. Anyways, I think you are quite an actor. Keep it up. Love ya!
I was your idea person!!
Written by Jimmy Marsiglia on 2006-08-08 18:25:59
Sly; I am the guy that wrote to you about having your son in your last Rocky movie 15 or years ago.Here is another suggestion.How about your Dad that you haven't seen that was a world war two marine and nobody heard from him after coming back home.They called him lucky because he never got shot and could climb anywhere knocking out machine gun nests.HE ROAMED THE STREETS AS A DRUNK/bum FOR YEARS,BRAGGING TO PEOPLE Rocky B was his son.Got a million ideas for you sly.call me !! Jim Marsiglia 3583 Long Rd. Avon,Ohio 44011 Cell#440-670-1759 Hm# 440-934-6767
no title
Written by SP Nair on 2006-08-16 01:41:08
Hello, Haven't seen many of ur movies but I'm a big fan of Yours. What I like about you is the charisma & simplicity that reflects on your face. Wishing you luck & fortune for a bright future.
few words for sylvester stallone
Written by chyanit singh on 2006-08-17 07:23:53
u r my favourite actor i really like u and your movies.i love u god bless u
written by chyanit
Written by chyanit singh on 2006-08-17 07:32:49
i live in india i really love your movies.i like u so much.my favourite movie is rockie 4 i loved it. take care look forward to see u in rocky 6
sylvester 4 life
Written by lauren powers on 2006-09-11 03:07:37
hey sylvester... i am a MASSIVE fan of urs! i think u rock!!! i swear 2 god, ur da best! i cant wait 4 rambo 4!!! john rambo is my god... lol lub lauren xoxo
rambo rocky
Written by chris on 2007-01-18 22:49:39
stallone is the man!!!! no actor come near to him., i am an italian and live by ur movies,,,,,number 1 and will always be the best
Written by Cricket (INDIA) on 2007-10-13 06:13:06
BABY i LOVE UR WAY EVERY DAY (UB40 FOR u).... HI Darling , U r an explosive source of inspiration . I consider U as my FRIEND, u KNOW WHY? I dont know much about ur personal life but feel that Ur a passion full fighter & with a loving & caring person(ality)tooooo. I fill very encouraged when I see U, MAN the roomantic scenes oooooo. Truly Ur a BRILLIANT ACTOR. My Boyfriend feels sometimes jealous of U, but U know he is very cutee(I know u 'll understand ). Hoping that I will meet U 1 day for sure & U'll b my friend for sure. Friendship is like Violin, Music may stop now & then ... but strings r always attached forever. Likewise even though we'll be in touch or not U r always remembered. TAKE CARE DEAR SYLVESTER, LOVE U.
Sly is the best
Written by Leo on 2008-04-10 06:48:25
Rocky is my favourite movie..also rambo..speccialy rambo 4..it is the best movie ever yet.. Sly you're cool..your eyes n ypur lips very2 cool..adrian i did it is my fav words.. Regard ur big fan, LEO
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