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Cadillac is a brand of luxury automobile, part of the General Motors corporation, produced and mostly sold in the United States and Canada; outside of North America, they have been less successful. In the United States, the name became a synonym for "high quality". The Cadillac automobile was named after the 17th century French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, founder of Detroit, Michigan in 1701.
The latest incarnation of Cadillac styling – Art and Science (A&S) was previewed with the 1999 Cadillac Evoq concept roadster at that year's Detroit Auto Show. With its crisp lines, hard creases, and sharp corners, the Evoq not only had a striking presence of its own, but also marked a departure from the softer design of previous Cadillacs. Distinctive characteristics of Art and Science design include stacked headlamps, vertical taillamps, angular grille, and creased body lines in addition to alphanumeric model names. The DeVille sedan and 2002 Escalade sport utility were the first executions of the Art and Science design philosophy, though they should be appropriately noted as more transitional vehicles since they combine A&S with the last era of styling and tested the waters for public acceptance.
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