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Machined For Speed. Koenigsegg's design seeks to give an interpretation of strength and flowing motion. The body of a Koenigsegg is formed for one ultimate purpose; speed. Its beauty is the beauty of speed itself. The surfaces are shaped to perfectly aerodynamic, an appearance that does not deceive. All aspects of this machine serve its one fundamental objective. Both the body and chassis of a Koenigsegg are made of extremely lightweight carbon fibre composite, reinforced with Kevlar and aluminium honeycomb. Its race-bred suspension system brings the driver in control of all movement, even under the toughest racing conditions.
A Machine For Safe Driving. Koenigsegg creates each car specifically for each customer. They are individual pieces of art. Leather contrasted with futuristic controls and refined surfaces encloses the occupants. It is an environment for adventure. The Koenigsegg hardtop is stored under the front bonnet during roofless driving. And crash-tests have verified that at least in terms of safety, a Koenigsegg is a truly Swedish car.
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