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Airbus Corporate Jet
The Airbus Corporate Jetliner offers the best business travel or entertainment environment. It belongs to the most successful airliner Family ever, the A320 Family. With 3,700 sales, the A320 Family is flown by 150 clients, including more than 25 "Executive" customers. Today, 25,000 pilots are qualified to fly the ACJ. The Airbus Corporate Jetliner brings new dimensions to the business jet market with the widest cabin in its class, the most modern technology, the highest operational performance flexibility and the best customer support coverage.
Airbus CJ
The ACJ cabin benefits from the widely recognized and voted best overall A320 Family cabin. Almost twice as wide as standard business jets, the ACJ cabin offers a 6000 ft³ cabin volume or 850ft³ area which is greater than any other business jet on the market. In addition, the ACJ features the highest ceiling in the market with 2.25 m/7.4 ft, ensuring a full standing height everywhere in the aircraft.
Airbus CJ
This extra space will stretch your designer's imagination to create the best in comfort and style. The ACJ is bringing new dimensions to the business aviation world in order to increase your comfort, productivity and security. It offers enough space to accomodate fully private offices making the working invironment more productive: on board presentations and negotiations during the trip make it a truly mobile company head office. The spacious cabin offers a very high flexibility in cabin arrangement for private, governmental and corporate operations.
Airbus CJ
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