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Bell 430
Finding the right helicopter shouldn't be about sacrifices. It should be about gains. It's not about what you can't have. But all that you can. That's why there's the 430. It combines both superior technology and superior aesthetics for the ultimate result: an exceptional ride. It's why you fly smart when you fly Bell.
In the 430, you'll find:
• Exceptional ride quality and speed afforded by an advanced bearingless composite main rotor design.
• Superior comfort and a quality ride in an open, roomy and quiet cabin.
• Astonishing aesthetics.
Bell 407
There are those who want to perform as well as persevere. There are some who want to outmaneuver as well as outclass. The 407 brings superior attributes together to make a phenomenal aircraft. The sports car-like handling with exceptional hot and high hover capability and unparalleled rotor control authority combined with a fuselage and large composite panels ensures ruggedness and ease of maintenance. It's one more way to fly smart. Fly Bell.
Bell 427
It's the model of perfection. It's the body of strength. It's the 427. Fast, smooth and reliable, Bell adapted and improved the high performance, combat proven dynamic components of the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. A roomy new fuselage was integrated with more powerful engines and the entire package was certified to the most stringent FAR/JAR Part 27 safety standards. The 427 promises a lot. And delivers even more. When you fly Bell, you fly smart.
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