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Beechcraft Kingair B200
Ever wonder why there are scores more Beechcraft King Airs flying around the world than all other turboprops combined? It is simply because they can do more at a lower cost than the others. And the best-selling model of all is the venerable Beechcraft King Air B200. How else would it have continued in production for so many years? It was the best when introduced; it is even better today.

The new-generation Beechcraft King Air B200 continues the tradition of unmatched capability and value with enhancements including a Collins Pro Line 21 avionics package to improve its already-legendary capabilities and the unique, quiet cabin that will make passengers even more comfortable than before.
Beechcraft Kingair 350
The new-generation Beechcraft King Air 350 is truly a "go anywhere, do anything" airplane. With its luxurious nine-passenger interior, it makes the perfect business tool or family getaway vehicle. With its reliable Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, fowler flaps, rugged and wide dual-wheel main landing gear, and exceptional short-field performance, the King Air 350 gets you into and out of runways as short as 3,300 feet - at gross weight.

But there is more to a King Air 350 than muscle. It also performs more cost-effectively than anything in its class. So adding a Beehcraft King Air 350 to your portfolio actually lets you do more for less. It saves you money to use elsewhere.
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