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More than an aircraft. More than raw power. The Meridian is poetry and harmony combined with innovative design and sophisticated technology. Designed to be admired with her sleek body, sophisticated air, uncompromising standards, and steadfast confidence. From the first glance, you know that the Meridian is different- you've finally found everything you've strived to attain. It is a height hard won and deeply satisfying.
Seneca V
The Seneca V is what every twin engine airplane aspires to be: strong, powerful, sleek but spacious, and high utility yet luxurious- in an easy to fly, low cost twin. It boasts sophistication inside, outside, and up to 25,000 feet. Destination to destination, the Seneca V was designed to move you, your friends, family and colleagues, and all of your gear- quickly, quietly, and dependably- without having to spend a fortune.
Piper 6XT
Takes work- and play- very seriously. The Piper 6XT is designed with the heavy packers in mind who aren't willing to sacrifice speed or comfort. The turbocharged 300 horsepower engine enables you to get over most of the weather and into that rugged mountain runway- comfortably, dependably. Enjoy a cruising speed of 161 knots, a service ceiling of 20,000 feet, and a standard useful load of 1,341 lbs. Should you inadvertently encounter ice enroute, the Piper Inadvertent Icing Protection System allows you to remove ice from the wings, horizontal stabilizer, and propeller. This advanced "weeping wing" technology does not permit flight into known icing conditions, however, it provides peace of mind and confidence that you can handle such situations with ease.
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