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The history of CRN is a story full of successes, which have been accumulating right from the beginning. Set up by Sanzio Nicolini in 1963, the shipyard immediately established itself in a market which targeted a very select clientele. This has been the guiding principle behind CRN right from the outset and has earned it a position among the top world builders of luxury mega yachts. The first "series" of 23 metre hulls known as "Super Conero" was built, followed by even larger and more prestigious boats, made in association with designers who will help to establish the shipyard internationally.
With a fleet of 118 mega yachts launched, the CRN shipyard in Ancona has, since 1963, been one of the principal world builders of luxury yachts in steel and aluminium. CRN is the acronym of "Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali" and is the symbol of an unquestionable leadership in the international yachting world. Today the shipyard builds fully customised mega yachts in steel and aluminium from 46 to 72 metres under the CRN name and semi-custom vessels in composite from 29 to 43 metres under the Custom Line name. Recognisable for their characteristic bow, CRN yachts have always been a synonimous of exclusiveness and prestige.
The yachts by CRN are everything a ship-owner could want. Style, elegance, prestige, exclusiveness, but giving the possibility of expressing oneself and creating ones own wishes. Real giants in the field of yachts, with the same aim: transmitting unforgettable emotions on board a queen of the sea, a perfect combination between power and design at the highest level.
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