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De Birs Yachts is a Dutch yard that was reestablished in 1998 in the Amria Free Zone, Alexandria, Egypt by a group of U.S., European and Egyptian investors. It specializes in the construction of 25-30 meter (82-100 feet) custom fiberglass luxury motor yachts. The strategy behind De Birs Yachts was developed to meet the specific criteria of clients who demanded an exceptionally well designed and produced yacht, compact in overall size, voluminous in its interior, configured to separate the crew to one area, fast and luxurious. Plus being offered at a price well below similar craft in the market.
De Birs
The careful market research and customer profiling preceding the design and build partnerships have culminated in an exceptional luxury motor yacht that will redefine the genre. The 82-foot design envelope benefits from executive jet planning which has enabled De Birs to virtually 'shoehorn in' an interior worthy of a superyacht. The raised pilothouse bridge, forward salon, separate dining area for eight, large covered aft deck and expansive upper deck set this yacht well above its peers for sheer size and volume.
De Birs
Built on a cost effective Freezone Park, De Birs yachts use a truly international management team, the very best tried and tested materials and equipment. Powered by either MAN or MTU engines the 82 RPH LX cruises effortlessly at 24 knots and tops 26. All in style with an interior certainly fit for a superyacht. The De Birs 82 RPH LX is competitively priced from 30% to 40% lower than a competitor of this class.
De Birs
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