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Elegance is the special art of doing the same thing in a different way. Using unique ideas and noble materials we create unique yachts that are incomparable. On an ELEGANCE yacht , the salon deserves its name. Take your seat upon the excellent upholstery of the hand-made furniture and enjoy your luxurious freedom! Woven fabrics dime the light and smells, the scent of finely tanned leather streams pleasantly over the decks. The interiors of the cabins surprise you with a wide variety of designs and exclusive optical effects.
The beautiful sides of life. Enjoy on board your dream yacht the spectacular display of lights presented by a sunset on the open seas. Salon, pantry, navigating stand - an exclusive interior as made from one cast. No other range of yachts has been so successful in the past few years. Every ELEGANCE is individually designed, planned and finally built for its future owner in our shipyards according to the strictest quality standards. Even the one who is used to total luxury will discover something new.
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