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Robert Kiyosaki - Cashflow 202 (2005)
"In the real world of investing there are WINNERS and LOSERS. Losers are always hoping the markets will keep going up - winners don't care!"

In this interactive hands-on game you will discover what few people ever learn – how to profit in up and down markets. You'll learn the tools of a technical investor; short selling, call & put options, real estate options – key tools of winning investors. With Cashflow® 202 The E-Game you can challenge other 202 gamers worldwide via the internet with the online multi-player feature. You will then be spending time with people just like you... people whose destiny it is to be Masters of their own Financial Universe.

Gomputer Game

Language: English
Genre: Business

NOTE: You must have CASHFLOW® THE E-GAME (101) to play Cashflow® 202 The E-Game.
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